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      ABOUT US

      rtkanse (following called AKS) is specialized in developing stainless steel pipes & tubes production technology ,supplying the customized stainless steel pipes & tubes ,founded in 2013,the head office is located at Nantong City ,Jiangsu Province, which is around three hours car way from Shanghai. AKS is one of the first mills to supply customers “stainless steel piping solution ” and “piping prefabrication” in China, After years of research ,AKS have gained some invention patents & utility model patents ,and received honors from government for our contribution for the technology development.

      Since founded, AKS regards developing stainless steel pipes & tubes used in different industrial areas and conditions as our most value, and keeping abreast of customers needs ,carefully designed to provide many products ,such as, "PTFE coating stainless steel pipes", "3CR12 / T4003 super-hard wear-resistant ferritic stainless steel tube for ore supporting rollers", "ultra-thin high precision stainless steel tube for battery", "ultra-thin large size truck exhaust tubes", "high precision control of inner hole bright annealed stainless steel tubes", "high sulfur seamless stainless steel tubes for mechanical processing", "super long precision stainless steel coiled tubes ", "oilwells detection sensor stainless steel tubes", "stainless steel Multi-core tubes", "low deformation rate U tubes for heat exchanger", "large diameter strict OD/ID tolerance stainless steel Tubes", "air conditioning use high precision stainless steel tubes" and a series of excellent products. AKS have gained some praise for helping to resolve many difficulty from many customers.

      AKS will continue to persist in the tenet " master producing high quality stainless steel pipes/tubes production & processing core technology " to make more clients be happy ,supplying more better stainless steel piping products as one reliable advanced piping solution supplier for more clients.
      AKS-“Advanced,Knowledge ,Stainless Steel Piping Project Solutions Supplier”

      Qualification certificate

      We cherish the many years of sweat cast brand, cherish every hard won honor, facing applause, we are not sentimentally attached to wandering, and never hesitated We take it as the driving force of progress, step by step, and keep forging ahead and surpassing ourselves

    1. Yu Teng idea

      Integrity, integrity, heart, music, dedication, honesty based.

    2. Yu Teng values

      Customer first, integrity first, innovative development, accurate and realistic

    3. Vision of Yu Teng

      Nabaichuan HaiYe thinking ahead to win the future achievements.

    4. The mission of Yu Teng

      Quality - wheel of success

      Introducing the most advanced production equipment and the most excellent management talents from the same industry to continuously improve production technologies; according to demands of the markets and customers to quicken update of the products and develop forward-looking products with high technical contents.

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